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pins and needles; nice to know you

Posted on 2007.11.29 at 17:53
Current Location: the woods. snow. safe.
Current Mood: crazyacid?
Current Music: "hydro" / a tribe called quest
hello, goodbye
alright chickies. here's the shits i got and yes, it has been fixed. the fucker at the photomat don't know shit about shit, so he "misplaced" the picture(s) of us with the hits on our tongues and fooped up some others. like, instead of all three of us, it's two and a distant shadow. such bullshit, right?
anyways, my mo's making vegetarian soup that's like 20 calories hah. so jealous, i know. i'm in the midst of burning you guys a nice weezer cd and, did i mention i bought;
some two disc CD called "fright night" (it has all the songs from horror movies, like dracula and frankenstein and then it has a dvd of the night of the living dead.) so excited, i know. it's like halloween at christmas.


much love, i wish i was thurr with my homegirls right now, but i have to kick it here for a bit.
speaking of, my mom decided to move back for senior year. so no worries there.  
i can't wait to see that golden room, i'm so excited. also, there's a shit ton of snow up here, be warned.
k, love you guys

i need to start writing things down

i knew, i just can't believe i admitted it

Posted on 2007.05.20 at 20:33
Current Location: fabulousville
Current Mood: curioussingle and fabulous?
Current Music: some sort of africanness
in the weather? black monday (or for devvie, lunes de negro)

basically, my bottom line goes as follows;
- i don't really give a fuck
- i was drunk and he was there
- i took advantage of him ;/
- it's not happening again, so if he needs a bit of a freebie, he can go for miss link
- i've moved on to dev

also, i've decided that if i have a child or adopt a little curtainclimber, i'm naming in delovandra lux _______ (<- insert last name there. it's definetely not squid)

delovandra is the merging of delovan and devendra and it's amazing

'nuff said

alice in confused sexual mistake land
"this is jack, richards, not kerouac."

i wish it was kerouac. i'd drop everything, forget about my healing and pound a bottle of wine. but no schnapps.

alright so the gripes will continue.

last year, after i hooked up with stokes; i had no remorse. we hung out in school, everything was fine. there was no "oh no does he like me?" perhaps it was the flinging way to do things or the fact he had a girlfriend he never told me about. but something in me made no jumps towards conclusions or commitments.

i was simple, fun and out for a good time. i wasn't out for a boyfriend. well, unless we were talking about seth thomason. and then, yes, i was looking for a boyfriend.
but he was strict religious queerbag then, and probably still is, to this day. i remember downloading relient k, thinking it was some new wave alt. band that i had to hear; but once i got to a verse about "god is right," i deleted all songs and knowledge of said band until, well, right about now.

and now, i have to travel back to the place i loathe. i'll have to be heavily sedated if i want to make it through alive. i'll have my fond memories of these boiseians and no matter what, the city of trees will always be my home.

this is it and nothing more, always now for evermore.

hippity flippity hoop

harlan: we have to get married.
rachel: what?
harlan: it's the only way god will forgive us!
rachel: oh my god, i gave you a blow job!
rachel: no good deed goes unpunished!

isn't this the motherfucking truth?
too bad i don't care as much as i sound like i do. tomorrow, everything will be different. which is fine. different is good.

but i'm not worried. i'll be leaving soon, back to the old way soon and gone sone. he should be the one who's worried, two timing on us poor girls.

well, if i could tell katie link one thing, it'd be, "you don't have enough guts, girl. i do. you may kiss silently 'round a fire, but i pull him towards me. i'd like to see you fucking try."

toe to toe with me? certainly she must be jesting.


he must have an informant on the boise side of things

Posted on 2007.05.10 at 21:00
Current Location: waiting to exhale (LOL!)
Current Mood: tiredlines mines fines
Current Music: muh new mix cd (watch the park)

i need to start writing things down

i sit in the corner and i drink drown soda

Posted on 2007.05.08 at 18:24
Current Location: the corner of hell and a headache
Current Mood: blankel sol de blanco
Current Music: phone. won't. stop. ringing.
a revolution on the rise

he was the beat dream, what with his uniquely out of date style that was surreptitiously high fashion to eyes that normally scanned crowds for brand names.
she was the one who wore designer threads 'till the seams split, gathering friends and acquaintances alike; fading into the oblivion of the undiscovered and allknowing.

who doesn't want to be happy?


socks and the city

Posted on 2007.04.04 at 13:57
Current Location: b-down for b-town
Current Mood: mischievousis this normal?
Current Music: the stranglers/the stooges/the servant
in my mind, my memory's burning

She stood this time, against a wall, a cup in hand, not a bottle; music was pouring out of the speakers, poets singing of something that, she thought, sounded like love.
She floated in the night, drinking a vast amount, in small portions, making sure no one got her in their group picture; her eyes were scanning the crowd as everyone swayed to the music and dribbled about their boyfriends in the bathrooms.
She looked up, seeing his shoes first and then following his legs up to his face. Thinking quickly, she reacted, took a sip and kept eye contact with him as he walked through a crowd of girls in too-short skirts and skimpy tops; something that would have interested him earlier. Instead, he chose intelligence and a personality over a push up bra and a persona with the equivalent to a table and a thermos.
She didn’t smile this time, she wasn’t that faded. She finished her drink before he approached her; planning her escape as she poured herself something more to take that proverbial “edge” off.
The room seemed silent to him as he looked at her body through the dress. He could see ribs, vertebrae, and bones through her sheer slip; choosing to buy vodka and cigarettes instead of a dress for a party that didn’t really matter, her “dress” was obviously a shapeless sack she fixed up with a belt and a necklace.
She looked picturesque, something not even the best actress (or actor) could portray; she was tragic and fascinating at the same time. He wanted to understand her. You could see it in her eyes, as the light reflected through them and into her thoughts; almost like looking through a kaleidoscope.
She smiled now that her back was turned, thinking of a way to divert him; to catch him off guard.
Before she turned, he smelled her hair, smiling as he pictured her getting ready; carelessly tossing her hair up, spraying herself with a light mist of perfume, so that nobody but anyone close could smell it.
She turned now, backing up as she saw his face, stuck in ecstasy; still dreaming.
She no longer pitied him; feeling as though she had to talk to him. She could destroy him easily, but toying with him was pleasing her so far.

      *"She was the still point of a turning world, man." (Trip Fontaine)


among the sweet and wild honey pie

Posted on 2007.02.26 at 19:41
Current Location: boise
Current Mood: hornyhehehehe
Current Music: i left my wallet on desolation row in this love
britain's burning dial 999

she was the girl of '07, until her salami found out.

i'm so tired; i'm feeling so upset; i'm so tired; but i have another cigarette*

*for lovers


birthday gifts from trannies?

Posted on 2007.01.04 at 17:11
Current Location: mesa roca
Current Mood: coldfrio
Current Music: let's go get stoned / heil bradley

mesa ruca

i swear sometimes your taking me for granted
i swear sometimes that your a whore
i swear, but I know there ain't no reason
'cause everything is such a bore

last night l had a dream
lord, it made me sick
saw you in your bedroom suckin' someone else’s dick
(my goodness!)

my friends all laughed
said it was my fault
said it's time that it happened to me
but i know, that the show, was much more than a blow
so i'm waiting for the tide to get low
waiting for the tide to get low

if i was an ant, crawlin' up on the wall
tell me baby
would it make no difference at all?
if i was a roach, on a tree, tell me
would you smoke me?

bright lights, put me in trance
but it ain't house music
makes me wanna dance

i don't gamble, but I bet
i'm gonna die, if i don't get a cigarette
just because i always play the mack
put the monkey on my back


what i say is law

Posted on 2006.12.23 at 23:33
Current Location: who gives a fuck about tomorrow?
Current Mood: sadwe always need the bottle
Current Music: anotha day anotha dolla / josh martinez
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fuck you


him:"so, are you dating anyone right now?"
me:"i’m dating everyone right now."

in the land of lj, who all is alive


comment comment comment


it’s been a black saturday



just point a finger at the girl who’s having a good saturday

i’ll take her apart and break her down


underworld, worldwide, wide world of underground


I still say "fuck all the assholes out there until they limp"



"we have to get out of here immediately."



little miss bitch

Posted on 2006.12.22 at 00:24
Current Location: mrdn MRDN
Current Mood: coldes muy frio en mi casa
Current Music: mystic woman / t rex
you're braindead
you've got a fuckin' bullet in your head

'cause every kat should know
to stay up in her fuckin' tree

perhaps it is moving too fast.
perhaps it's not fast enough.

perhaps he doesn't know who he is.

KAT '06

to the tunes of:
"suite judy blue eyes"



Posted on 2006.12.15 at 06:42
Current Location: my house; stomach rumbling
Current Mood: tired3:05 PM
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this morning

i woke up. i went to bed. while i was in bed i decided two of three things.
X i'm sporting my boots and wool socks whilst driving up to the cabin on christmas. it's my way of getting back in touch with my hollwood. even if it means last years' fashions.
  geometry should be banned from every classroom, every country; all over the planet.

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